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This site is a Wiki, which means any page can be edited freely. There's no sign up and no special skills needed. You can even create as many new pages as you like and edit them to your heart's content.

We aim to be a resource by Chinese learners for Chinese learners. See Getting Started for more info, or voice your ideas on the general Talk Page.


3月 9日 星期天

To ensure the long term health of the wiki we have installed an anti-spam measure. We're using the ReCaptcha system. Every time you save a page you will be asked to type in two words, this way you prove to be a human and not a dirty spam machine. You also help to read old books. Check out the ReCaptcha site for more details.

1月 22日 星期二

The vocabulary from the first Practical Audio Visual Chinese book is finally complete! Get your ZDT files, overview or flashcard PDF's all from the word lists page.

12月 14日 星期五

Again two new word lists with their accompanying PDF files. Another chapter for the first PAVC book. Soon the first book will be fully available. Another list with vocab that was covered in the 301A class. Enjoy! --Arne

11月 19日 星期一

New ZDT Word Lists are available including a number of user submitted ones. All now have a corresponding PDF with an overview of the vocabulary available.

11月 13日 星期二

The presentation on friday was a succes, people seemed to like it. There are new ZDT Word Lists available. Chapter 1 up to 19 had been uploaded, so people from levels 1 and 2 at FCULC have all their vocab right there. There are also PDF documents that give you the vocab for each chapter in a handy to study list format. Enjoy!

11月 4日 星期天

I will be giving a presentation this week at the Feng Chia Language Center about Using the Computer to Help You Study Chinese. Main topics are the free programs ZDT and StarDict and how to use them effectively, plus a rundown of some great sites and on-line resources.


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